Bike / Scooter / Skateboard / Helmet Rack



Yes, all of my best projects start with this exacting level of detail.


Assessing the on-hand resources. I like using 2"x3" because they are light weight and kiln dried.


Four hours later. Presto!


Rack after a coat of candy apple red gloss.

* Only tools required is drill and a saw (a power miter saw like my Hitachi is preferred).


Detail view of wheel slots. Bottom joist is ~17" which fits 700c tire, vertical stile was about 32"

All sizing was based on the bikes to be racked. Literally hold bike up to rack and measure what looks right.

Also shown is detail of the pegs used to hold scooter.


Detail of end joint. Vertical stile was fastened to an ~8" tall piece of plywood (trimmed on angle for looks).

Wheel slots can be moved as needed to accommodate bigger/smaller wheel width.

Wheel slot have a small angle bracket connector between joist and stile boards for reinforcement.