BBQ Grill


My BBQ grill project grew from the ashes of a horrific grill setup I lived with for too many years.

My lovely stainless steel grill sat utop a stack of cinder blocks that was an embarrasement to my family, my relatives and my ancestors.

One night whilst I slept, I heard Grandpa Carl call out to me in a dream, "Get rid of that damn pile of blocks and build a real grill son."

So I did.


BBQ version 1.0 circa 2000



BBQ version 2.0 - The cinder block years 2004-2013

[no photos on file]


BBQ version 2013 - The Golden Age of BBQ Grills - 2013

The project was broken into 4 phases:

Phase 1 - Site Prep

The current patio is sanded brick and required a concrete slab for the grill foundation.

Phase 1 - Site Prep Complete



Phase 2 - Framing

I used pressure treated 2x4 and 4x4 with 1/2" OSB plywood.


OSB covered with fiberboard.

Felt paper covers the grill making sure to overlap the paper for proper water drainage.

Felt paper around sink.

Phase 2 - Framing Complete


Phase 3 - Cedar Siding

I decided to use tongue and groove clear or better cedar for the exterior. I love the apperance and fragrence of cedar.

I decided to use aluminum L extrusion for the countertop border.


Phase 3 - Siding Complete


Phase 4 - Countertop

The final phase of the project was countertop using a 12"x24" limestone.

I used excess felt paper to protect the cedar from mortar and grout splash.

Countertop tile and sink installed.


Phase 4 - Countertop Complete


After installing sink, grill, and custom made doors, the project was complete.

All photos copyright of Michael Hallack and may not be used without permission.

Mike Hallack 2013